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หัวข้อ Solar power plant
วันที่ประกาศ 29/04/2022

รายละเอียด Nisshinbo Micro Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has installed a solar power plant with the size of 1,524.48 kWdc by placing the solar cell amount of 2,823 panels on the factory roof, which is 7,295 square meters. Currently, the solar power plant has been completely installed and has been generating since 14th April 2022, the electricity generation capacity of the solar power plant is 2,064,860 kW-hr per year. In addition, the solar power plant can reduce the cost of electricity and also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by around 1,236,025 per year. The generating of electricity by solar power plant was mainly supplied in the facility system such as a cooling system in a clean room, compressed air system, and water treatment system.

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